School Exchange

A brief History of our School-based Curriculum Development

 To tie in with the core value of “child-centered education” in pre-primary education of the 21st century, the school continues to carry out curriculum reforms and participates in school-based curriculum development programmes at major institutions each year, including:

.2015-2016 EDB “Pre-primary Education Support Section- Arts and Creativity Scheme

.2014-2015 EDB- “School-based Support Services Scheme”

.2013-2014 CUHK “Development of Curriculum Leaders for Quality Pre-primary Education Scheme”

. 2012-2013 “CUHK Assessments which Promote Children’s Learning”

. 2011-2012 EDB “School-based Support Services- Assessment for Learning”

. 2010-2011 EDB “School-based Support Services- Aesthetic Education”

. 2007-2010 AHIED “Teacher Training Program”

. 2005-2008 CUHK- “Healthy Kindergarten Award Scheme”

. 2004-2005 EDB- “Self-Assessment Pilot Program”

. 2003-2004 IED- “Improving Learning and Teaching Scheme”