Holistic Innovative Education

Our school emphasizes on moral education, hence we initiated the6 Moral Values Reward Scheme” .

The core value of6 Moral ValuesEducation is to cultivate children’s abitity to behave according to the principle of to understand,to enjoyand to act” in kindness, as well as to foster the foundation for children to assess, to feel, and to put into action. Not only can it highlight each individual’s character, but also create a culture of morality.

“6 Moral Values”

Virtues Awards Scheme

Virtues Bank Book

Virtues cheering station

The Stars of Virtues

Virtues slogan

Community caring activity

Community caring activity

Elderly caring activity

Caring for third world countries

Gratitude activity

Tidiness activity

HighScope, which is based on child development theory by Piaget, emphasizes on “Plan”, “Do”, and “Review” of children’s learning process. It accentuates on the classroom and corner settings, aims to foster children’s active learning. Through observation, prediction and experiences, children can build their knowledge in a vivid way, and learn to accept new challenges and share their thoughts with the others.

Self-Planning Which corner should I go?

Role-Play Corner- school restaurant

Exploration Corner

Math Corner- Be an Accountant

Secrets Corner

Music Corner

Reading Corner- Listening to stories

Teaching Aid-Language Games

Teaching Aid- Language Games

Teaching Aid- English Games

Art Corner

Art Corner

Reading Activities

Reading Activities

Exploration Activities

Exploration Activities

Role-play Activities

Role-play Activities

Role-play Activities

Role-play Activities

Role-play Activities

Role-play Activities

Scaffolding Activities

Concept Activities

Review Time- Sharing about what we did.


Cylinder block- cultivate logical thinking ability (correspondence, seriation)

Spindle box – foster sense of order, focus, coordination, independence and precision

Sound Boxes – enhances hearing ability, distinguishes the strength , volume, type of sounds

Moveable Alphabets – the basis for literacy development

Practical Teaching Aid – Calendar Board – Foster children’s sense for Dates and Weeks

Mathematics Teaching Aid – Addition and Subtraction Board – Enhance children’s capibility for addition and subtraction

The Hong Kong Healthy School Award Scheme based on the concept of Health Promoting school, the scheme aims to promote educational achievement and promote the holistic  development of the physical and mental health of school children. Using the six key factors established by WHO member states, namely: school health policies, health services, competencies for healthy lifestyle, school’s social environment, community relations and school environment, as the framework for the development of health promoting schools, personal, family and community health awareness through comprehensive and school-wide policies. Through the Healthy Kindergarten Award Scheme, the school has established a healthy, hygienic, safe and harmonious learning environment, so that young children can develop in a balanced manner in all aspects.

Through shared reading, children can explore elements such as eating habits, exercises, emotions and virtues with various characters, and their relationship with healthy life style.


Our school was awarded the Healthy Kindergarten Award Scheme Bronze Award  base on the World Health Organization standards.

(Organized by CUHK Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, sponsored by the Quality Education Fund)

Vegetable Birthday Party

Fruit Birthday Party

Healthy Cooking

Exploring characteristics of fruits.

Vegetable collage


Ishihara  Test


Caring for the seedlings 

By using elements of holistic innovative education, children will acquire the skills for whole Brain learning multi-sensory and cooperative learning, which will foster their ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking, We also aim to inspire their creativity by using role play in learning.

Certified by the AHIED as the first batch  of “School of Holistic Innovation-Education”, as well as “Grade-A Teacher”.

Children learn through discussion and presentation in groups of four.

Drama in Education

Multi-sensory Learning.

Drama in Education

Scientific Exploration Learning

Drama in Education

Multi-sensory Learning.

Cooperative Learning

Visits from other kindergarten

Demonstration of cooperative learning.